Snow Soccer Practice

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Things you will do for your kids. They got me playing soccer in winter under the snow. Luckily, it wasn’t as cold as it seemed. Lots of fun.

Toofan – “GWETA”

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I’ve been following this music duo artists for a while and they are quite impressive. There is no doubt that Africa is full of very talented people; and Music and dancing are just a few talents that are just printed in our DNA.

Bogota, Colombia

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Despite Colombia’s violent history, modern Bogota is energetic, artistic and wonderfully chaotic. This is a city that I’ve fallen in love with in the past years, after spending almost a year going back and forth for business. This city has put a vision in my heart on what most of African cities could become with the support of their local government leadership.

CAN 2015 Quarter Finals today – Clash of Congos

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It’s Super Bowl Week-end, but for all of us “Real Football” lovers, especially Africans, we have other reasons to be excited about this week-end. The African Cup of Nations Quarter Finals kicks off today with Congo playing DR Congo, then Tunisia against the host country Equatorial Guinea. Yes, there will be drama, and there will be trash talks. But most of all, there will be unconditional passion and patriotic love display among the fans of each one of these countries that were able to make it to the Quarter Finals. This is Africa Pre-SuperBowl, because the CAN Final is yet to be played. An African Champion will rise among all this clashes.

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