Sparring Championship – 9/30/17

Critical Design Review Meeting

It takes a great team effort to be able to present over 1300 slides during four long days and only come up with a dozen critical action items for a detailed design review. 

The Note 8 is Here

There are just a few things in the world that really gets me excited, and technology/electronics is one of them. I may not care much about whether I’m wearing a Sean John or driving a Porsche, but I do care on things that I use daily basis such as my phone.

Fruits regime

I’ve decided to make fruits my main snack group as part of my new diet. So, for the next couple of months, I will be snacking on real fruits. For the last decade, I’ve managed to maintain a steady weight,… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Mother’s Day

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mothers out there in the world. Being married to a wonderful woman who also holds the title of “Mother,” I can tell you there is a lot that go with it, sometimes even unnoticed, but surely never forgotten.

Weekend Netflix Binge: Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 1

First time hearing about Marvel’s Iron Fist; I don’t recall reading any marvel comics referencing this character. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed this season 1 concept.

Netflix has really stepped up its game by providing more original contents rather than just focusing on Hollywood movies. Personally, these original movies and series are more captivating than Hollywood movies to me; hence, the reason I maintain my Netflix account.

Fun weekend – Graduation Day

What a fun weekend, following a busy week. We’ve enjoyed watching the two oldest boys and their mom perform at their Tae Kwon-do graduation ceremony. They were so proud of their accomplishments. Way to go mom for keeping up with the boys! We now have three orange belts in the house and they can’t wait to move to the next one.

Five things to practice daily

Five things that I practice daily that can help you stay focused and be successful.

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