Colombe Two Awards For Nicholas! Meatloaf Colombia OKC Science Museum

Two Awards For Nicholas!

Nicholas received Two Awards back to back! impressive!


Cooking is a great way to distress and change perspective after a long day; and sometimes, even when you have something running over your head.


Reminds me of my wife! Such a beautiful place; easy to fall in love with this place. An amazing country full of arts and culture. Love it!

OKC Science Museum

Now try playing this piano! Amazing work of art exposed at the Oklahoma Science Museum

02nd Nov 2013
Congrats Nicholas!

Double Awards for Nicholas!

So, the kids received their report cards yesterday and I was so proud of them as they received great praises from their teachers.

19th Apr 2013
First Meatloaf!

Meatloaf Recipe

I finally got a chance to try this Meatloaf recipe! Couldn't be happier to how it turned up: very tasty! Cooking is a great way to distress and change perspective after a long day

01st Apr 2013
Your Digital Self Online

Your digital Self Online

Having a personal website is the best way to promote yourself and share your life with friends and families all around the world. I believe everyone should at least secure...

28th Feb 2013
Football cleats

New cleats!

Just got a present from my brother-in-law: a new pair of soccer cleats! It was about time for my old pair to retire. Can’t wait to try this new one!