Toofan – “GWETA”

I've been following this music duo artists for a while and they are quite impressive. There is no doubt that Africa is full of very talented people; and Music and dancing are just a few talents that are stitched  in our DNA.

Arts in general is one of our keen domain. Whether it comes to paintings, drawings, music, dancing, and other form of artistic works, we have talented people that can fill the spot. We may not have the latest technology in place yet, but we have great concepts. Recent works are getting done much better than five years ago: better video clips, movies, and even news reporting. With more African publishers investing in better technology, and with the availability of affordable consumer products as well, we are seeing a positive trends when it comes to quality.

Next step to tackle should be "piracy." Combating piracy will help the producers to actually invest their profits into better equipment; which will drive more sales and expand the market even to non-African communities. I'm still waiting to see Nollywood movies into the western market streams, a jump Bollywood has been able to breach.

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