My Top 5 Travel Spots

I can travel for life. as a matter of fact, that's what I wish for: visiting every single country in the world, enjoying what each different culture has to offer. Below are my five top spots where I've been and really enjoyed spending time:

#5 Paris, France

Arc de Triumph, Paris

Aah, Paris! What not to love in Paris? The food, the people, the language. I've visited Paris for both business and travel and I have enjoyed my stay to the fullest. Being able to communicate in French also made it much easier and enjoyable. 

Pros:Very touristic, great food, nice people in general

Cons: Everything seemed small (narrow road, small cars, small rooms), busy life, stores close too early (in my opinion), expensive.

#4 Daytona Beach, Florida

I spent my college years at Daytona Beach and I have to say: one of the best beaches in this entire world. The city is very touristic, so lots of people coming from all over the world to enjoy the beaches. I can see myself retiring there for sure.

Pros: awesome beach, awesome seafood, great weather, economical

Cons: Humidity

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