Sunday Notes

Growing up as a Christian, I was told to always pray first when you wake up so that you can have a blessed day. I couldn't agree more. I often find myself battling issues on days where I've neglected to wake up and pray first.

Over the years, I've realized what truly was embedded within that principle: morning prayers allow us to align our spiritual being first prior to affronting the day because we are first of all spiritual beings enclosed in physical bodies. 

So, I wake up every morning thanking God for a new day and the grace to another opportunity to accomplish what He has in plan for me to achieve in this world.

Neverthless, only taking care of your spritual side is not enough. Your body also needs attention. Keeping your house in shape will allow you to perform at your best. A good nutrition and balanced physical fitness go a long way to maintaining a great shape.

  • Pray and meditate before you get off your bed
  • Visualize your day and prioritize your Top 3 things to accomplish by the end of the day
  • Get off your bed and stay focused on your plan.

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