Will Smith Slap at the Academy Awards is a disgracing moment

Let's cut it to the chase: Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards after the comedian made a joke about his wife Jada is just a pure disgracing moment that needs to be followed with sanctions accordingly.

For someone who has been in comedy and films and made his millions because of his jokes and funny acting, he should have understood that such acts are just what it is: comedy acts. What does slapping Chris Rock teach anyone? Definitely not a way to handle altercations, especially for such an "A" celebrity.

The academy awards committee needs to put a penalty on this act, the same way we sanction and fine other professionals for their misconduct. This is another low for the show and another reason why I've not watched it for the last couple of years.

Actors are acting upon another level of stupidity just for the buzz. Yes, you get your minutes of fame by selling out your character. This is definitely something that he needs to address promptly unless he really doesn't care about being a decent human.

I act the way I want my children to be proud of me and of our family. As a man and a father, I found that moment to be a very low and disrespectful one.