Tuesday’s Two Cents – Defeating Your worst enemy

Photo by Luis Quintero

This key wisdom will help you achieve your dreams if you master it: "Learn to defeat your worst enemy: Yourself."

Yes, you are your worst enemy. It takes a while to realize it, but when you do, somewhat life becomes easier, and freedom becomes reachable. It's easy to blame someone else for your shortcomings, your mistakes, and whatever else you are struggling within your life. The truth of the matter is: if you look hard enough, you will always find someone to blame. However, the truth of the matter resides in this key principle stated above. If you are blessed enough to master the ability to defeat yourself daily, you will understand that your entourage is irrelevant to your success.

Life is a matter of choice. Everything we do is birthed out of a decision we make, whether consciously or unconsciously. Your mind makes decisions faster than the speed of light. Your decisions are the source of your current situations, whether good or bad; it doesn't matter. You are where you are because you made some certain decisions that took you there. So, stop blaming society, and stop blaming anyone. Learn to associate your situations with the decisions you take.

A good exercise that I constantly do when dealing with any situation is to identify what decisions I made that took me where I'm currently in. What could I have done differently that could have avoided the situation, and what can I do in the future to make sure that the outcome follows my desire. Shifting the focus on myself helps me defeat my worst enemy: myself. It allows me to focus on my improvement rather than on the actual situation/condition. The outcome is always a better me.

So, the next time you face something, shift your focus to yourself in a positive matter. Make changes that align with your desires and ignore the external agents. Take control of your decisions if you want a life that aligns with your dream.

Tuesday's two cents.

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