Unscripted – #1

The day was hotter than a normal summertime at the beach. Seagulls flew by as usual, but with less zeal and grandiose. People were almost as if time stood still, all laying flat on their towels covering the hot sand, indulging in the hot size of sun radiation to their pale, fragile, white skins.

She didn't. He didn't. They didn't need to bronze, although one could feel the chemistry building up between the two souls; they each loved one another, but couldn't dare to confess to it. She was hot, and he was sweet; they were too young to know better.

"Let's go! Time for one more round," she said as she dashed toward the waters, battling gradual waves, further and further into the deep ocean. He paused for a moment as he watched her being free and beautiful, not knowing why this beautiful creature would allow him to indulge in such delicate and private moments; she must be out of her mind, he imagined.

"Are you coming or not?," she cried out from the distance. Without a word, he got up and played along, running into the ocean with poise and composure; he was manly.

The water reached up to their belly buttons at the lowest waves, and up to their neck on the highest waves. They were staring at each other and sharing laughs and smiles as if no one else existed on the planet.

Her smile was attractive, stronger than the ocean waves, captivating as the hot sun, yet mysteriously innocent. He, on the other side, kept his mouth shut, smiling with reservation as if he didn't care much about her beauty. The game of cat and mouse, played in the deep ocean, by two young lovers.

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