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Vibrant Euphoria ROM

Vibrant Euphoria ROM

A week ago, I posted how much I loved the Android System due to its flexibility. Well, today I second that. I have just updated my Android phone from Froyo 2.2 to ICS 4.0.4. Yes, a week ago, all these jargons meant nothing to me as well. But with a little research and reading on the flexibility of the Android system, I have discovered that I can more with my phone than I ever dreamed of. Within three days, I have learned about android operating systems, manipulations and the multitude of tools out there that let you "play" with your phone technically on another level. I'm hooked!!

It took me a week of reading, but a day to execute. pretty awesome. What really attracted me into this is the fact that most of these ROMs (it's like the operating system of the phone) are being developed by regular people and made available for free for use. Now, I'm not seeing myself there yet - coding and programming for a new ROM - although it's quite possible.

In conclusion, my phone is again "attractive" after this update and super fast, unlocked, and under my control; Adios T-mobile limitations! Really, this is one reason I decided to stay with Android instead of iPhone system. loving it more and more.

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