COVID-19: Distance Learning

It was just a matter of time and opportunity. The old and outdated education system is joining the technological era of video conferencing implementation, and this will be a norm even after COVID-19.

Since the implementation of distance learning for higher education (vocational schools, colleges, and universities), I've always questioned the fact that the normal educational system has been a little bit reluctant to introducing the latest technological solutions such as video conferencing, online downloadable courses, and more.

With the COVID-19 catapulting the need for social distancing and school cancellation, the educational system (high-school and below) are now open to implementing these latest technology solutions in order to continue their work.

Today, my daughter was able to meet her class virtually via zoom and listen to her teacher presentation, while happily interacting with her friends. She shared about her favorite latest book and listened to her friends also discuss their favorite books. At the end of the sessions, they waved each other goodbye, then left the zoom meeting happy.

A technology solution that once was heavily criticized due to privacy concerns is now being tested throughout the world as potential solutions during this time of quarantine. Yes, the privacy concerns are real and still exists, yet the benefit of the product and service will outweigh the risk and push us into its implementation. This is not a bad thing, as most products and services get better over time as more users become highly active, pushing the developers to fix bugs and performances.

Yes, video teleconferencing will stay from now on as a viable solution for educational systems and will potentially create more spinoffs that may eventually become the new norm.

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