Freedom of the mind

Floating away...

If there is one thing that I love about swimming is the feeling of "floating." It's just amazing. I've always been attracted to weightlessness conditions. Thus, my love of thrills such as roller coasters, scuba diving, anything that goes fast enough to provide similar sensations.

I taught myself to swim; never been afraid of the water. At the pool, I'm either floating by treading water, or deep diving under exploring the underworld. That medium is fascinating. The ability to hear your thoughts much clearer, while dampening the outside world sound pollution, providing a type of mind freedom that can be very addictive.

Yes, swimming is a great exercise for the body. But for me, it's also a great relaxation for my mind. Bonus: Floating and looking at a beautiful blue sky; perfect.

As much as I love swimming, I prefer having the pool for myself; not a big fan of swimming in a crowded environment. It's a me-time that I tend to enjoy occasionally, especially after a long and busy day at work. As winter season approaches, I will definitely miss swimming...