Five things to practice daily

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Daily Motivation

1. There is no such thing as failure, just lessons learned - When you set your mind to never tolerate failure, you will be bound for success, whether big or small. As you struggle through hard time, always flip the coin: there is no such thing as a failure, but an opportunity to improve yourself.

2. Never Settle for the average - I don't believe we're called to be average. Anything can be improved, optimized, or made better. With that  in mind, it means that there is always room for improvement. Never settle for the norm; always seek higher standards in everything you do. Always be at your best and always give your best.

3. Accept challenges - You will never grow if you don't get challenged. As you struggle through new challenges in life, you learn new ways of adapting, surviving, and overcoming. You acquire new tools under your belt that will help you on the next obstacles.

4. Leave yesterday where it belongs: in the past - Be quick to forgive (others, and most of all, yourself) and move on. The longer you stay in the past, the slower you will move forward. People and things come and go. Be ready to step forward every morning you wake up.

5. Be willing to go the extra mile, all the time - We are all granted 24 hours in a day, but what matters is how we use that time. To rise above the crowd, you have to put extra efforts than the norm. Sometimes it means sacrificing some sleep time, or logging some extra study time, or skipping social time. You have to be willing to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. Find ways to constantly stay aware of your goals, and judge every action you take against the big picture you are working for.

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