OKC vs Miami (Game 2)

OKC Thunder

OKC Thunder

Wow- It's been a while I have watched a great game of Basketball. This was by far the best game of the season for me. Miami survived (yeah, survived) the strong comeback from OKC to win the game. I guess this is mainly due to the fact that OKC pretty much sucked the entire first quarter, giving up 15+ point very early.

Miami played a perfect game and stayed strongall the way to the last minutes, while OKC brought their third quarter magic back. Although, this time the gap was far too big for them to take over. I give it up to both teams for displaying such talents and endurance!

My analysis: OKC will win this championship; Miami has seen what they will be facing back home and it ain't good. Although they won today, I believe the damage has already been done.

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