The Note 8 is Here

There are just a few things in the world that really gets me excited, and technology/electronics is one of them. I may not care much about whether I'm wearing a Sean John or driving a Porsche, but I do care on things that I use on a daily basis such as my phone. As a previous owner of the Note 7 (yeah, the one that caught fire), I was very disappointed when Samsung pulled it off the market due to the risk associated with it. But, just the small amount of time that I had spent with my Note 7, it was a hard decision to trade it off (mainly because I couldn't fly anywhere with the travel ban put on it; and I do travel a lot).

I did miss the S pen and all its functionalities; being able to capture notes and keeping my ideas organized into one single device. It was truly an experience. I have been a fan of the Note series since my first one: the Note 4. Frankly, my current S7 Edge, although I love it, still doesn't compare to the experience I had with the Note 7.

With the Note 8 just recently released, I couldn't resist to jump on board. I almost read and watched all the reviews from the tubesters (YouTube professionals), and I couldn't agree more with them: this is the phone of the year. I really doubt that the iPhone8 will be able to beat this phone, but then again, you can say that I'm biased on my statement; I really don't care. I own both brands, and I find myself easily leaving my iPhone to my kids for some Youtube playtime while daddy gets some work done with the Samsung. Oh, the price? what about the price? I believe that you shouldn't try to own what you cannot afford. I will leave it there.

Looking forward on getting back to productivity living on my fingertips again. Thanks Samsung, for another great product.

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