Sunday Notes

Growing up as a Christian, I was told to always pray first when you wake up so that you can have a blessed day. I couldn't agree more. I often find myself battling issues on days where I've neglected to wake up and pray first. Over the years, I've realized what truly was embedded within...

Weekend Cookout

Weekend Cookout

My Top 5 Travel Spots

I can travel for life. as a matter of fact, that's what I wish for: visiting every single country in the world, enjoying what each different culture has to offer. Below are my five top spots where I've been and really enjoyed spending time:

Facebook Hacked…again

Another data breach exposing more than 50 million Facebook users; for the first time, I'm considering pulling the plug on that application. Don't get me wrong: I love Facebook. It allows me to connect to friends and family members, especially the ones living far away.  I get to interact with them as if they were...

Reducing Stress during Program Execution

Like it or not, as a program manager, you are responsible for the success or failure of your program.

Tomorrow is promised to no one – Live your life today

We are granted one life on earth and every moment is meant to be special since there is no re-do.