Fun weekend – Graduation Day

Team Adunagow

What a fun weekend, following a busy week. We've enjoyed watching the two oldest boys and their mom perform at their Tae Kwon-do graduation ceremony. They were so proud of their accomplishments. Way to go mom for keeping up with the boys! We now have three orange belts in the house and they can't wait to move to the next one.

Martial arts are good for for teaching discipline, structure, and character, not forgetting other values such as self-control,  balance, and much more. We're hoping that this investment in their lives will make them better leaders in the future.

Master Kang's Tae Kwon-Do Graduation Class

Mirabelle enjoying the show in the background.

The backstage team cheering for team Adunagow as they perform for their Tae Kwon-Do graduation ceremony. Way to go!