Workout Challenge


Starting my New year resolution early with this Flat Belly Workout challenge. 30 days of this routine and let's see how it goes!



"Sometimes you just have to stop, relax, and take it easy"

Super Blood Moon 2015


Took this picture of the Super Blood Moon using my digital camcorder photo function as my phone couldn't do much. The super moon eclipse is a rare event that takes place every decade (approx. every 18 years, although it took 33 years from the last event). It's when the Lunar Eclipse event coincides with a Full Moon, hence #SuperBloodMoon.

Tulsa Shock vs Seattle (WNBA)

Tulsa Shocks vs Seattle (WNBA)

Enjoyed a nice evening basketball game with family at the BOK Center. OK, I have to say: the foxxy mascot was more interesting to watch since we got hammered. Great fun though.