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Why I didn’t go to church Today – Black Lives Matter

I usually don’t like writing blog posts in response to current events, because I believe everyone needs time to think and reflect before speaking up (or in this case, writing) about any hot topics, because words are spoken and they will never be unspoken. Out of our mouth comes the power to give life and at the same time the power to take it away.

La Familia

Ethan drew this a long time ago and I keep this in my journal every time I travel. It reminds me that there is more to life than work. Family always comes first no matter what. We work to provide to our family. We fight to protect our family.

Forever – KiddBone

I had a lot of fun producing this video clip. Awesome artist and great song.

Halloween 2015 – Superheroes Rumble

Since my kids decided to dress up as superheroes for this Halloween, I thought that I will give them the proper venue since they looked so awesome all dressed up. Amazing kids; my little superheroes..

Took this picture of the Super Blood Moon using my digital camcorder photo function as my phone couldn’t do much. The super moon eclipse is a rare event that takes place every decade (approx. every 18 years, although it took 33 years from the last event). It’s when the Lunar Eclipse event coincides with a Full Moon, hence #SuperBloodMoon.

Janelle Monae – Yoga

I still haven’t figured out why I like this song very much. I find myself easily replaying it while driving.

Princess Mirabelle (Photos)

So, it’s been a very looong week since the early arrival of this little princess. One thing for sure is she’s running the show from day one! Without due, here are some photos of little princess Mirabelle. Enjoy!

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