Double Awards for Nicholas!


Smart kid!

So, the kids received their report cards yesterday and I was so proud of them as they received great praises from their teachers. I have to say, for the amount of time they spend playing together, sometimes I wonder if they concentrate very well at school. But, I was put at ease by the teachers during parent-teacher meetings; nothing but great admiration for their work.

Ethan is reading almost three grades above his level and has been attending the Gifted program. His Math skills are unbelievable! I think I may just go ahead and add some additional courses on him!

Nicholas is the History and Science guy. He loves reading and grasps scientific studies like crazy. Today he received two awards (yeah, two!) : one for his grades achievements (he received straight A's on all his subjects) and the other award was on Character! Now, that one was a surprise, even Nicholas himself did not see that coming. I was mostly proud of this latter one, especially due to the fact that we've always struggled with Nicholas and his behavior at school. I remember when he started first grade, the teacher thought he was ADHD and I remember visiting the principle's office quite often. That continued until second grade.

But like I've always told his principle and the teachers, I knew my son did not have a behavior problem, but rather, a re-adjustment problem. Nicholas went straight from a daycare system to Kindergarten. He really did not know much about a structural education system, where things get done at specific times and specific places. He struggled with transitioning from one event to another. Unfortunately, his teachers did not notice that neither. We knew it very well and advised them about it, but in vain.

But with discipline (Yes, we, African Parents still believe in whooping your kids when they don't get it)  and love (lots of loving) from home and perseverance  at school, he finally got it during his third grade. His attitude started to change and we saw less and less issues. Deep inside, I've always known that Nicholas has a big heart, very compassionate and emotional guy, like his dad. So, he gets irritated when things don't go his way. But, he learned tolerance and mostly letting go of things that irritate him.

Congrats Nicholas!

Congrats Nicholas!

So, today's Character award meant more for us than the grades' award; we know he's very smart, but now, we're very happy to learn that his character has changed dramatically! Whatever it is (growing up? girlfriend? new environment?), it is working very well.  He reminds me a lot of my own self. I never liked school that much when I was little. I thought it was a waste of time since it took my time away from my friends, playing outdoor. Yet, everything changed when I met Colombe (come to think of it, it was also in my fourth grade!). Suddenly, I went to school earlier, made sure I never missed a day so that I can see her once more time. Now, our kids seems to follow the same path I guess lol.

I'm very proud of all my kids and thank God for them in my life. They are a bunch, but a very good bunch to have!