Critical Design Review Meeting

It takes a great team effort to be able to present over 1,300 slides during four long days and only come up with a dozen critical action items for a detailed design review. As a program Manager, leading a team to success requires more than just having experts on your team. Having knowledge and skills can take you farther than the norm, but adding the proper attitude will help you cross the finish line.

We certainly had a great team that demonstrated all the above, and provided a performance that spoke for itself. As a leader, I couldn't ask for more and I'm certainly blessed to be part of such a great team. Everyone worked together, with respect and tolerance of our differences. We were unified and performed as a single organization; just the way it should be.

This week-end was exhausting, but rewarding. It took months of preparations, occasional sleep deprivations, and lots of caffeine to be able to pass this very important milestone for such a complex program. This is the first week-end that I really got to sit back and relax.

First thing I noticed when I flew back home: my kids looked taller and my wife more beautiful than ever. So, this week-end was 100% family time.