Celebrating Mother’s Day


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers out there in the world. Being married to a wonderful woman who also holds the title of "Mother," I can tell you there is a lot that goes with it, sometimes even unnoticed, but surely never forgotten.

Mothers are special; very special to all of us: we all have one. There is a special bond between a child and its mother that goes beyond scientific explanation, reaching all the way to the spiritual realm. My mom can tell when something's wrong with me miles away by just listening at the sound of my voice over the phone:" Hi mom." She can diagnose my emotional status by the look of my face over a What's app video chat. Mother surely knows best.

Yet, this God-given Sherlock home instinct is never bi-directional. On the opposite, children often cannot tell what their mothers are feeling or going through. Not because they don't care, rather, because in addition to knowing it all, mothers are also gifted at hiding their pains and struggles out of their children's sight.

As I think about my childhood moments, I barely remember seeing my mother sad. Through our moments of hardships and sorrows, she always appeared in control in my view. For me, she knew it all because she had an answer to all our needs, whether big or small. I've seen her pull miracles after miracles on situations that often sounded unsolvable to me as a child. It took years for me to realize that this Super woman also carried battle scars that she kept quietly hidden away from us, her children.


I know it's true because I see the same thing happening in my own household; as my wife pulls out her Wonder Woman act for our four boys and our little girl, as she goes through the day dealing with each one of their needs, solving one crisis after another. Watching my wife interacts with our kids now gives me the missing perspective of what my mom had been enduring while raising us, a perspective that I wish I knew a long time ago when I was just a little boy; I could've been a little bit better with my attitudes and reactions towards her.

So, as an adult now and a father of plenty, I truly get to appreciate this day when I get to send my mom a card and write her a note to tell her how much I love her and how much I'm blessed to have her as my mom. And to my wife, I make sure she knows that I'm blessed to have her as the mother to my children and as my partner. I'm here to take care of her battle wounds daily and give her all the help she needs as we both grow together on our journey of parenthood.

One special day to celebrate these women in my life is definitely not enough, but it's definitely a "never to be missed" on my calendar. Happy Mother's Day Mom. Happy Mother's Day dear Wife.