What a fun weekend, following a busy week. We’ve enjoyed watching the two oldest boys and their mom perform at their Tae Kwon-do graduation ceremony. They were so proud of their accomplishments. Way to go┬ámom for keeping up with the boys! We now have three orange belts in the house and they can’t wait to move to the next one.

Starting my New year resolution early with this Flat Belly Workout challenge. 30 days of this routine and let’s see how it goes!

The Broken Arrow Soccer Club (BASC) Fall Season came to an end last week-end, concluded with the Fall Tournament, in which both Nick and Ethan participated. What an amazing season it’s been. They can’t wait for the Spring season to start so that they can play again.

Soccer has come a long way in the United States. I remember when I first moved to the United States, living in Philadelphia, PA. I couldn’t find a park with a soccer field, or kids playing soccer in the street. American Football and Baseball were dominating all kids gathering and I knew nothing about both sports.

Since my kids decided to dress up as superheroes for this Halloween, I thought that I will give them the proper venue since they looked so awesome all dressed up. Amazing kids; my little superheroes..

Things you will do for your kids. They got me playing soccer in winter under the snow. Luckily, it wasn’t as cold as it seemed. Lots of fun.

I’ve been following this music duo artists for a while and they are quite impressive. There is no doubt that Africa is full of very talented people; and Music and dancing are just a few talents that are just printed in our DNA.